Is your roof aging a bit?

Let us take care of it!

We are your local roof restoration and repairs professionals!

With your roof being one of the most important parts of your house, you want to have it in top condition at all times, which is not an easy task as it’s constantly exposed to our epic Perth climate and all the elements that come with it. Over time your roof will age and deteriorate… that’s where we come in!

roofer1Here at Roofing Bit we take roof restoration serious. We do it right, or we don’t do it at all. We ensure the highest quality in every stage of the restoration process, from preparation to coating, it has to be spot on perfect!

All our tradesmen are fully qualified, experienced, and service focused, we keep our clients happy all the way through.

A lot of people have problems with deciding between a new roof or a roof restoration. A high quality roof restoration has a LOT of benefits, it saves you money (no new roof necessary), it adds to the property value, and last but not least, it will give your house a fresh look!

We service all suburbs in Perth.

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